Treasure your family time

Posted on 31/01/2014

I have seen two approaches in peoples lives in the small medium enterprise sector.

  • The ones that work a lot and are paid little.
  • Those who work enough and are paid what they want.

One of them was my father – he was always running around and never had time for anything else than work. He was actually one of my first clients and one of the reasons why I started doing what I do.

Gradually I helped him to understand how much his time is worth and how much others are willing to pay for his time.

Before – he worked everyday including Saturdays – and he made a little more than average, but no time.

Now – he is working 10-20 days a month and he makes 4-5 times his earnings.

What’s the difference ?

His family can actually appreciate him in person.

The way he values his own work – I know it might sound weird to some – but people will try to negotiate your price and it’s fine they should do so. But it’s is up to you to decide weather or not you want to sacrifice your time to do so. Remember – it’s your work, it buys you “bread and butter” for your family.

Respect yourself and the work you do – and so will do the people that you work with.

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