Status quo people

Posted on 26/12/2013

I bet that very often you hear people saying how difficult it is to change the existing situation, or how impossible it is to introduce some new concept. Tell you what – keep away from these people.

I know that I might sound harsh, but starting or running a business is difficult enough – you are challenging yourself every single day. You do not need any more burden, problems or unfulfilled dreams to carry, all of us have just enough baggage to carry around for themselves.

Instead try finding people with similar dreams and energy, this in turn will be motivating and refreshing every single time your encounter will occur. Once you find the profile of people that motivate you, get more of them and by that I mean listen to what they say – learn about their road and how they got where they are. It’s the easiest way to learn about doing things the hard way and stay motivated at the same time.

Look for inspiring stories, examples to follow. If you find it difficult to reach goals find a group where you can set a common goal, this way you will be motivated by the fact that other people talk to you about the goal and energize you.

Beware of status quo – the truth is, there is always another way of doing things. You just haven’t found it yet.

Have a great day.

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