3 perks of making personal gifts DIY style

Posted on 16/12/2013

There is a great thing about giving someone a personally made gift for Christmas or for any occasion for that matter. As you all are probably looking for ideas, I want to share some of mine so you can profit from it.
Doing things yourself is very rewarding in many ways, but this is a subject for another article that I will share with you.
If you are interested in doing something yourself and trying out if you like it, try the following :
– make personal holiday cards using family photos,
– create personalised photo album with this year’s main events,
– make home made necklace or bracelet,
– make home made candles,
– make and paint personalised baubles,
– make home made soap (this one takes time so you probably will have to drop it for this year’s Christmas).
There are three great perks about these things which include :

  1. DIY gifts are personal
    Offering personally made gift to anybody is always greatly appreciated, because of it’s personal value. You made it for me, you’ve put an effort in to it. In other words – you must care.
  2. DIY gifts are cheaper
    Since you are adding the value by making gifts, it is safe to say that they will be cheaper in terms of money. They will cost you your time to make them, so make sure you account on it.
  3. DIY gifts are easy to make
    With the power of knowledge that is accessible everywhere – you can find at list a 100 ideas of personal gifts online. Feel free to use those for inspiration or to create a similar one. Make sure that you always give a credit to someone if you are documenting your project, it’s great to let him know that what he or she shared was useful for someone.

What are you DIYing this Christmas ? Let me know in the comments.

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